PERBANAS SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (PSE) JAKARTA is a school that firstly performs an education concentrating in finance and banking. Nowadays, PSE conducts two departments: Accounting and Management. These two departments have been divided into two programs: Bachelor Degree (SI) and Diploma III Degree (DIII).

Based on the condition above, PSE has designed its curriculums and process of teaching and learning which concentrate on the creation of competency and the highly competitive quality of graduates (output) in the future. The principals and Heads of Departments supported by the Faculty Members of PSE agree to commit that PSE must be able to create graduates who have competitive and value-added knowledge, responsible creativity and qualified skills. It is expected that the graduates will have a motivation and effort for life long education together with their awareness of human values.

Accordance with the progressive technology and the competition among similar levels of education or universities, PSE has set up an English Language Center, which is translated into Unit Lab. Bahasa Inggris (ULBI). This unit has been set up because of the awareness from the Principals and Heads of Departments for the lack students’ English ability. From its establishment, ULBI has been one of the competitive advantages settled by PSE.